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A Shoot ’em up game with all the flavor of a retro comic book. Shoot, run and fight for your life in 8 astounding levels against an army of dreadful creatures from hell.



Accused of being his wife’s murderer, Lobo was chased and presumed dead in the forest near Black Moon Ville, however, the White Witch believed in his innocence, and healed his physical and spiritual wounds. Meanwhile, desperate because of their long imprisonment, a group of criminals made a dark pact with the Crimson Monk, transforming them into terrible monsters under his command.

He then sent them to kidnap the White Witch, all so he could sacrifice her in order to bring back his ancient master. Lobo rushed to her rescue, but was quickly defeated by the mighty forces of evil. He thought everything to be lost, but suddenly, the Black Witch appeared and granted him the power to fight back in the form of two enchanted shotguns. Join him in his journey into the darkest of nightmares an put an end to the forces of evil

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This is a side scroller single-player action game, in which you’ll be using your trusty shotguns to blow some monsters into smithereens! Each level is filled with zombies, beasts and other minions of the underworld, so you must be always alert and ready to shoot.

Lobo has command of various weapons (shotguns, flamethrowers, lasers) at his disposal, so you can experiment with different types of punishing tools! Fight massive bosses in order to progress! In addition to the trigger happy type of gun-themed levels, there are also motorcycle chase scenes and even some in which Lobo will have to fight with his bare fists, in a true Beat ’em up style!

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