Unleash Lobo, become unstoppable

A vintage 70’s and 80’s pulp culture tribute in the form of an honest and brutal beat’em up arcade game with power metal riffs. Incarnate Lobo, the Turbo Macho Beast, with shotguns!

Desperate because of their long imprisonment, a group of criminals made a dark pact with the Crimson Monk, transforming them into terrible monsters under his command.

He then sent them to kidnap the White Witch, all so he could sacrifice her in order to bring back his ancient master. John Lobo rushed to her rescue, but was quickly defeated, but suddenly, the Black Witch appeared and granted him two enchanted shotguns.

This is a side scroller single-player action game, in which you’ll be using your trusty shotguns to blow some monsters into smithereens! Each level is filled with zombies, beasts and other minions of the underworld, so you must be always alert and ready to shoot.




Fat Panda Games Studio is a company based en Yucatán, Mexico. Our mission is to deliver fun games with balanced gameplay and great graphics. In partnership with our publisher Games Starter. We are compromised with the gamers to deliver memorable experiences, inspired by the classics but with unique personality. We created mobile games as Ghost Apocalypse with RCK Games, and Lobo with Shotguns, but with Flat Kingdom we want to deliver our first hardcore gamer title publishing in steam game and also with a ps4 port.

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